Post Treatment Information

After your Neuromuscular Massage treatment you may experience one or more of the following natural reactions:

1. watery eyes

2. runny nose

3. bad taste in your mouth

4. flu-like symptoms

5. increased sensitivity to pain in the areas worked

6. change in stool (black or green)

7. smelly urine

8. excessive sweating

9. muscle soreness


It is common to experience muscle soreness for a day or two after your treatment. The greatest discomfort usually occurs after the first treatment and after the first time a specific area is treated. The soreness is a result of direct contact with spasms in the muscle, as well as accumulated metabolic waste products in the tissue being manually released into your system. This is similar to what many people experience after strenuous physical activity.

To assist with preventing and even alleviating some of the above listed reactions you, the patient, can do a few things immediately after your treatment:

1. Rest the day of your treatment. Try not to overuse the muscles or do anything that could respasm them.

2. Contrast therapy: Take a Sea Salt bath followed immediately by ice to areas that may still be painful and/or any areas specified by your therapist. Ask your therapist for more details regarding this therapy and how to properly apply it.

3. Drink water! Water helps to flush out the metabolic waste that was released in your treatment. Metabolic waste is the main factor that causes soreness after a massage. The most appropriate amount to drink is 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water (E.g. If you weigh 100lbs., you should drink 50oz. of water in a 24 hour period.) What constitutes "Water?" Water is the only thing that counts. Tea, soda, lemonade, flavored water, or anything that has added sugar, carbohydrates, or other nutrients does not count as water. An article in the Winter 2003 edition of Massage Therapy Journal states that distilled water is most beneficial when consumed by the glass or in cooking. An alkaline pH balanced water is also considered superior to other forms. Quality as well as quantity are important factors.